Conference Theme

ESSD Scope

The scope of the ESSD Conference Series will continue to successfully cover (but not confined to) the following areas:

(Note: Please select the appropriate Track while submitting your abstract/paper)

Power & Energy Systems (Track-1)

  • Power and Energy Systems
  • Distributed Power Generation /Decentralized Energy Systems
  • Smart Grids/Micro Grids
  • Off Grid Solutions
  • Energy Conversion and Management
  • Combined and Co-generation Energy Systems
  • Air-conditioning and Refrigeration Systems
  • Renewable Energy and Emerging Energy Technologies
  • Thermodynamics, Heat Transfer and Fluid Dynamics.
  • Thermodynamic Optimization and Exergy Analysis
  • Plant Integrity
  • Material Design and Analysis
  • Manufacturing and Services
  • Advanced Computational Techniques and Computer Simulations
  • Advanced Controls
  • Heat Management
  • Efficient use of Energy and Alternative Systems
  • Integrated / Hybrid Cleaner Renewable Energy Systems
  • Hydrogen Energy Production, Storage and Transmission
  • Nuclear Power

Energy, Environment & Sustainable Development (Track-2)

  • Energy and Sustainable Development
  • Fuels and Alternatives
  • Issues and Opportunities for Coal in Developing Countries
  • Hydrogen as Fuel
  • Energy Storage
  • Advanced Recycle Technologies
  • Green Building
  • Green Energy Technologies
  • Economic Modeling of Energy Technologies
  • Industrial Energy Efficiency
  • Carbon Sequestration and Storage
  • Carbon Capture and Utilization
  • Building Efficiency Technologies
  • Role, Potential and Impact of Unconventional /Renewable Energy sources
  • Efficient use of Energy and Alternative Systems
  • Biomass Processes and Biofuels
  • Energy and Environment
  • Clean Transportation Fuels
  • Nuclear Energy and Environmental Protection
  • Socio-Economic Considerations in Environmental Friendly Energy Technologies
  • Low GHG Fuels/Vehicles
  • Biomass Processes and Biofuels
  • Membrane Processes

Energy Management(Track-3)

  • Energy Management
  • Energy Policies
  • Energy Analysis
  • Energy Efficiency
  • International / National Policy, Planning & Strategy for Energy Sustainability
  • International Energy Demand and Supply Analysis
  • National Energy Strategy and Decision-making
  • Regional Issues, Economics & Policies
  • Energy Savings and Emission Reduction
  • Energy Audit and On-site Measurement
  • Energy Investment Feasibility
  • Energy Documentation & Information Services
  • Energy Efficient Buildings and Green Designs
  • Energy Economics, Engineering and Education
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