Mission Statement

Increased demand – coupled with energy security issues, uncertainty in the oil sector, and tightening environmental regulations – make this conference a must for those involved in different aspects of energy sector. The program covers innovative and evolving technologies in a forum that encourages the exchange of information in energy sector and policy issues. Up-to-date technical papers, tutorials, panels and plenary sessions, covering cutting-edge developments on a range of topics will be presented.

Our goal is to present an extensive overview of emerging, evolving, and innovative technologies, fuels and/or equipment in the power generation industry, through the presentation of accomplishments, opportunities and challenges.

Conference encourages the exchange of information on energy resource development, efficient utilization and policy issues. By providing comprehensive reports on innovative and evolving technologies, new fuels and advanced equipment for the electric power generation industry in major industrialized nations and developing nations.

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Department of Chemical Engineering
COMSATS Institute of Information Technology,
  Department of Chemical Engineering
Dawood University of Engineering and Technology,

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